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We recently connected with RJS Construction Ltd, a ContractorCheck Accredited commercial and residential construction company based in B.C. The company has been accredited since 2017 and remains committed to health and safety. Please read on to learn more about their company, what they do, and why health and safety are important to them.

Check Out the Contractor Safety Interview We Had with RJS Construction Ltd.

Tell us about your business – how/where/when did the business start, what kinds of work do you do, and what do you specialize in?

Based in Surrey, we provide commercial and residential construction and renovation services throughout the Lower Mainland. Our company was started in 2011 by Ryan Steward, a veteran of the construction industry with nearly 20 years of experience. Today, we are a diverse, hardworking, and tight-knit team of professionals who work tirelessly to deliver high-quality results for our clients.

Whether we’re building a custom home, renovating a retail showroom or undertaking a major commercial construction project, our success is driven by our commitment to our clients.

What kinds of health and safety hazards does your team face on the job? 

The most common hazards we face would be tripping, dust, noise, power tool and back injury hazards. 

How have you seen attitudes towards health and safety change since you’ve been in business?  

Yes, the team is much more aware of everyday safety concerns and how to prevent injury. 

What are the key values of your business? 

  • Working with integrity
  • Respect of our clients, workers, vendors, suppliers and the environment
  • Doing things right
  • Communication
  • Continuously trying to improve
  • Working toward a common goal of producing what the client expects on time and on budget.

What is the most challenging/rewarding part of the work you do? 

The most challenging part of our work is overcoming obstacles through the process of completing a project that were unknowns at the beginning.  The most rewarding is when we come up with the solutions to overcome those obstacles without it affecting the end result of the project being on time and within budget. 

What kind of community engagement does your company do (if any)? 

We are a member of the Breakthrough Academy and the VRCA. 

Can you tell us why it’s been important to get your ContractorCheck accreditation? 

Having a third-party accreditation shows that we care about our workers and clients, and going through the process of getting accredited was a huge help in setting up the proper processes from the beginning. 

Would you recommend ContractorCheck to other companies? 

Yes, they have been very helpful in setting up the proper systems and processes and are very thorough. 

Please visit the RJS website or Facebook page and learn more about the company! If you’d like to see your company featured on the ContractorCheck Health & Safety blog, please email us.