ContractorCheck tackles the administrative legwork of health & safety due diligence and helps you maintain compliance.

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Posted by ContractorCheck March 29th, 2018

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Contractor Benefits

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Make health & safety a priority, exhibit compliance and reduce risk.



Year-round access to our health & safety professionals, and help with the program when you need it.


Grow Your Business

As an Accredited Contractor, your company is visible and accessible to our entire group of clients.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Every organization has a legal responsibility to ensure that they are operating in a safe manner, and will have to prove it if needed.



Your health & safety documentation in one place, easily accessed by you and your client.

What Our Contractors Say About Us


“At Reotech, health & safety isn’t about the client or commercial gains, it’s about taking care of our teams that face the dangers working onsite every day. ContractorCheck’s reliable and independent Accreditation program is essential to maintaining consistent health & safety compliance, and gives us peace of mind that we are meeting all requirements and practicing due diligence.”

– Reotech Construction Ltd.,
ContractorCheck Member since 2013

“At Concept Illumination, we see health and safety is a priority. We seek the highest standards, being accredited with ContractorCheck serves to assure our customers that we take health and safety seriously. As this evaluation is a requirement of our clients, ContractorCheck Accreditation allows us to maintain our business relationships with its commercial real estate agency leaders.”

– Concept Illumination
Accredited Contractor, Member since 2014

“As a ContractorCheck Accredited Member, Omicron is committed to maintaining the highest level of security for our employees, contractors, subcontractors, customers and visitors. We look forward to providing value to those seeking entrepreneurs with this accreditation.”

– Omicron Construction Ltd.
Accredited Contractor, Member since 2014