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Health & Safety Compliance – Contractor Benefits

Annual assessments keep up with any legislative, company, or personnel changes related to health & safety compliance.

As a contractor, part of being able to book projects with past and future clients is maintaining health and safety compliance. At ContractorCheck, we can help you with this important step, as well as provide avenues for earning an accreditation that will guide clients to you as they look for contractors in their area.

Health & Safety Compliance – Contractor Benefits

H&S (Health & Safety) compliance through ContractorCheck begins with a complete assessment of the contractor’s current records and licenses. A ContractorCheck assessor’s role is not only to complete a thorough review, but to also gather evidence to determine whether legislative requirements are met and are appropriate for the work being done. Our experts are also available to help contractors if they are missing important pieces or need help creating safety programs at their company.

As part of the H&S compliance review, assessors will compile various forms, reports, training records and licenses, looking for evidence that the contractor is doing what they say they do. An interactive dialogue with the contractor to discuss health & safety compliance requirements and complete the assessment is an ongoing process and is required until ContractorCheck Accreditation is achieved.

It is important that we assess contractors annually to keep up with any legislative, company, or personnel changes related to H&S compliance. We also have to make sure that health and safety policies and procedures are being followed and maintained properly each year.

Contractors and clients benefit from ContractorCheck’s due-diligence, which ensures that clients are engaging with competent and safe contractors who meet all legislative requirements. Through the ContractorCheck assessment, we can document whether contractors meet the clients’ requirements and are compliant with legislation.

For more information about health & safety compliance, or to begin an assessment, reach out to us today.