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We were fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with Fereshteh Froude, President and CEO of Froude Management Inc. in our series highlighting our amazing Accredited Members. Fereshteh is one of the first females owners and leaders of a commercial general contracting firm. She believes construction is a complex business and for any construction business to succeed, it requires the skills and efforts of a diverse group of people, men, and women of different cultures and backgrounds.

Froude Management Inc. (”FMI”) is a Vancouver-based construction general contracting company currently operating in Toronto and Vancouver.

It was clear from our discussion that FMI is passionate about delivering on their client’s vision and that the same innovation that goes into their services applies to their commitment to building excellence in their community.

Q:  For starters, what would you say FMI’s mission is?

Our mission is to build long-term values and achieve extraordinary results for our customers, employees, subcontractors, consultants, and the community through our innovative approach and services.

Q: Is there something that sets you apart from other companies doing similar work?

What sets us apart from others and something we are proud of, is our team. We have a diverse group of experts that approach every project with a solution provider and relationship-driven mindset. They have various experience in small and large ICIC projects and the ability to adapt to the needs of any project, creating custom service rather than offering a predesigned solution.

Q: Why is health and safety important to your company? And/or why did you decide to pursue a ContractorCheck Accreditation?

We take a proactive and positive approach to create a safety culture that everyone in the office and our job sites fit in. All of our employees, workers, and subcontractor partners share our project-specific safety vision to reduce hazard exposure and work safely. Our project safety planning starts from the time we start the bid on any project. All activities during pre-construction and construction phases are included in our safety plan. This is the only way that we can achieve our Safety Vision of no incidents.

The ContractorCheck Accreditation is one such proactive measure!

Q: What is something most people don’t know about Froude Groups?

Something people might not know about FMI is our commitment and focus on sustainability and technology.

We take a unique approach to meet our client’s needs by assessing each project separately and developing a specific program for each project to meet individual project’s requirements. We have developed in-house information gathering and inspection templates, which are customizable for projects to address job-specific needs.

FMI is a technology-driven construction company and is constantly adapting to new technologies to find ways to lower construction costs. We use innovative tools to manage complicated processes, improve the quality of work, and the efficiency of our team. With using management software such as Procore combined with BIM, Virtual Reality, and Drones, we increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations, track and monitor safety and quality, improve team communication, and provide a high quality of work.


Many thanks again to the FMI team for participating in our Contractor Q&A Series, and thank you for your continued commitment to health and safety!

For more information on FMI, please visit them online: FMI Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.