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Contractor Q&A With Black Tie Electric Inc.


Black Tie Electric Inc is an electrical contractor based in the Calgary area.  They’ve been a member of ContractorCheck since early 2019 and aim to keep health and safety square in their sights. We recently caught up with Vernon Scott, President and Owner of Black Tie Electric Inc.to chat a bit more about his company and why H&S is such a priority.

ContractorCheck: Tell us a bit about your company and what you do.

Black Tie Electric: We do an assortment of work from service calls at international parcel carriers conveyor systems to basement completions and commercial properties such as restaurants/shopping malls.  We always keep service first and we work with the client to meet their needs and budget.  Black Tie Electric Inc. was established in 2016 with the idea of creating relationships with our partners and clients that is built on trust and professionalism.

CC: Why is health and safety important in your line of work, and why was it important to pursue a ContractorCheck Accreditation?

BTE: Health and safety is very important to Black Tie Electric Inc., electricity is something to be treated with respect and our employees and clients going home safely every night is our main priority. Being ContractorCheck accredited is important to us because it shows that we put safety first and that we have been acknowledged for our continuing effort towards having a safe work place. We’ve always put safety at the forefront and it is very important to me even on a personal level.  I lost one of my oldest, closest friends to an electrical accident.

 CC: When are you the busiest, and are there times when the risk is higher for your team?

BTE: The busiest time of the year seems to come in the spring/summer months. Construction always happens more when the weather is warmer! As far as risks go, in winter weather you have to pay particular attention to ice and slips especially after a fresh snowfall because it hides the ice.  The cold weather needs to be paid respect as well, it only takes minutes some days to be exposed to frostbite.  Summer months hydration and shade need to be on site to give relief for the heat.  Proper clothing at all times of the year is essential to keeping comfortable and safe.

CC: Anything else you’d like to share about your company?

BTE: Almost every day Black Tie Electric Inc. seems to be accomplishing something whether it’s engaging with a new customer, finishing a project or passing a vetting process like ContractorCheck.  We are still a fairly young company and have been putting a lot of effort into learning new ideas or meeting new people.

Thanks again to Mr. Scott from Black Tie Electric Inc. for taking the time to answer our questions and congratulations on the recent ContractorCheck Accreditation! Thank you for making health and safety a priority.

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