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Breaking Down Due Diligence

We talk all the time about the importance of due diligence, because that’s what we do!
An Accreditation with ContractorCheck means that you’re taking the steps to complete due diligence – doing the best you can, AND what’s required of you by law to protect yourself and your team when it comes to health and safety.
Here are the 6 basic steps to Due Diligence:
  1. Have a policy.
  2. Buy-in from Management to support policies and emphasize importance of health and safety.
  3. Identify risks with both management AND the staff completing the tasks or taking the risks.
  4. Make a plan. Deciding what to do about a particular risk is important, even if the plan is to defer making a decision (as long as there are valid reasons).
  5. Follow through on the plan and implement your solutions. Address the risks, train, retrain and monitor the situation closely.
  6. Rinse and repeat!
Reducing risk is the name of our game, and it should be yours too.
Check out this article for more details on the steps, and remember – you can always call us, toll free!