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It is unfortunate that not every company is compliant with workplace health and safety regulations at their jobsites. Not only does this put employees at serious risk, but the companies themselves are also at risk for fines and damages related to workplace injuries.

At ContractorCheck, we discovered three recent cases in which companies were fined due to contractor safety violations.

In each of these three cases, the incident involving contractor safety violations could have been prevented. With better education, training, and strict adherence to provincial and federal regulations, each of these companies would have been able to conduct their work more efficiently, effectively, and safely.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour routinely conducts contractor safety blitzes at various times throughout the year. If a company has violated regulations previously, it holds a higher chance of being inspected again.

At ContractorCheck, we work with contractors to ensure they maintain workplace health and safety at every jobsite. Whether you are looking for a specific certification or need help maintaining your compliance standards, we have the resources to help you prevent situations such as these. We firmly believe that education and training are key to better contractor safety and health and safety compliance in every workplace.