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ContractorCheck would like to congratulate GUNN Consultants – they are celebrating 35 years of business, an accomplishment to be proud of!

GUNN Consultants

We recently caught up with GUNN Consulting to find out more about their business, the importance of safety and why ContractorCheck is important to them. Read the Q&A below for a full account, and check out GUNN Consultants online for more info!

 ContractorCheck: Tell us about your business; what does your company do? How long have you been in business?

GUNN Consultants: We are a locally owned engineering firm that specializes in elevators, escalators, and other forms of vertical transportation.  The company was incorporated in 1983, so we’ve been in business 35 years.

CC: Why is health and safety important in your line of work? 

GC: Safety is important for our employees, as we are in an industry with inherent risk.  Working in and around elevators means we must follow established procedures and emphasize proper training.

For us, safety goes beyond training; we design our projects with safety in mind.  Safe elevator systems means protection of the public, and we take that responsibility seriously.

CC: Why was it important for your company to pursue a ContractorCheck accreditation, and what value does it hold for you?

GC: ContractorCheck accreditation helps advance our overall pursuit for increased safety.  It communicates to our clients and colleagues that we meet established requirements and that we recognize safety as a priority.

 CC: What is something you know now that you wish you’d known when you started the business?

GC: We have been successful at GUNN in building a competent, solutions-minded, team. A key to that success has been growth through adding highly trained professionals to guide and train.  If we had been quicker to adopt that philosophy, it would have saved us time and energy as we initially grew.

CC: How has health and safety changed since your company was founded?

GC: Safety has always been important, but it is much more highly regulated now than when GUNN first started.  This is a good thing, as it enforces safety compliance and levels the playing field when comparing contractors, thus rewarding those that emphasize safety.  It also creates a safer environment for all involved, including the general public.

CC: Is there a particular time of year that’s busiest for you? Why or why not?

GC: For us, workload is relatively stable throughout the year due to our broad scope of services.  There are, however, rushes whenever a project deadline must be met, and this reinforces the need for safety.  It is when we are under pressure to perform that we tend to take shortcuts, when instead we should do the opposite: slow down, follow procedure, ensure you operate safely.

CC: Are there seasonal health and safety tips you can share with us for individuals or businesses to keep in mind this time of year (or if you have specific tips for warmer weather)?

GC: When temperatures are lower, additional safety risks are introduced.  Driving or walking to your job site must be done with extra care, to reduce slip risk.  Working on partially exposed construction sites means additional clothing and a tendency to rush or take shortcuts.   The key is to take your time and follow procedure; this seems simple, but is not always easy.

CC: Are there any recent company accomplishments or announcements you’d like to share?

GC: 2018 was a great year for GUNN!

In November of 2018, our President and CEO, Eric Peterson, was honored with the Lieutenant Governor Safety Award for Excellence in Safety and Technical Training (from Technical Safety BC). Earlier in 2018 we were 2nd in voting for best elevator consulting firms in North America with Elevator World, our industry’s most recognized publication.

Thanks again to GUNN Consultants for participating in this blog post. To learn more about them, please visit their website: https://www.gunnconsultants.com.

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