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Q&A with DryIt.CaWe recently chatted with Lee Senter, the CEO of DryIt.ca to get a better idea of what they do and to hear about why health and safety (and ContractorCheck!) are important to them as a company. Here’s how it went:

ContractorCheck: Please, tell us about your business!

DryIt.ca: We are in the disaster restoration and hazardous material abatement business – we specialize in water damage, fire damage, mould and asbestos remediation.

CC: What kinds of health and safety hazards does your team face on the job?

DryIt: Electrical and working surface hazards are always present on our worksites. We also face environmental pollutants such as sewage pathogens, mould and asbestos fibers.

CC: How have you seen attitudes towards health and safety change since you’ve been in business? 

DryIt: Our employees see their “right to participate” come to reality when we review our policies every year. We all know how our health and safety laws revolve around “taking every precaution reasonable” and to establish our due diligence. These are great ideas, but it’s not always so easy to find the manner in which you are going to implement your review of your standard operating procedures. Being Contactor Check credentialed, we have to review our systems and SOPs every year. It’s a great time to ensure we have our systems in place and that they work.

CC: What are the key values of your business?Q&A with DryIt.Ca

DryIt: Restoring the customer’s site to a place that is safe and healthy to live in.

CC: What is the most challenging part of the work you do?

DryIt: Finding workers who are willing to get dirty!

CC: What kind of community engagement is your company involved with?

DryIt: We are willing to help the non-insured or under-insured to recover by offering assistance below cost.

CC: Can you tell us why it’s been important to get your ContractorCheck accreditation?

DryIt: It opens doors to getting business that we would not otherwise be able to bid on. DryIt.ca has picked up new clients because of our certification with ContractorCheck. GWL and Dream are two examples of companies that allow us to perform services in their buildings because of this certification.

CC: Would you recommend ContractorCheck to other companies?

DryIt: Absolutely! DryIt.ca has been accredited by ContractorCheck for several years now. It has been a great experience. We are proud to carry the ContractorCheck logo on our trucks (pictured below) and to carry the prestige of being certified. It’s worth the investment in the company and in the safety of our workers.

Thanks again to DryIt.ca for taking the time to participate, and for the continued commitment to health and safety.

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