Q&A with A-1 Cleaning

A-1 Cleaning is a safety-focused commercial cleaning company based in the Niagara Region. They’ve been a member of ContractorCheck since 2018 and were kind enough to chat with us about their company, health and safety in their world, and why being a member of ContractorCheck is important to them.

Q&A with A-1 Cleaning

Enjoy the Q&A below!

ContractorCheck: Please, tell us about your business!

A-1 Cleaning: A-1 Cleaning Company Inc. started in 1961 by the founding owner, Joseph Mazzuocco.  The company began in the Niagara Region to provide cleaning services for commercial business sites.  Our team of individuals is trained to provide cleaning services to various buildings, including law offices, building blocks, health centers, factories, department stores and any location, public or private, that requires regular cleaning services.

CC: What kinds of health and safety hazards does your team face on the job?

A-1: The kinds of health and safety hazards our team would face on the job are locations where heavy machinery is being operated, as in factories.  In such cases, they are required to wear proper safety shoes and glasses.  Other hazards may arise when floors are being stripped and waxed or wet mopped. Wet floors may result in slipping hazards.  Also the cleaning of light fixtures, windows or higher surfaces may require using a small ladder.

CC: Have you seen the attitude toward health and safety change much since you’ve been in business?

A-1: Yes, we have seen attitudes change towards health and safety over the years. Clients as well as workers are more aware of the safety issues and seem to be quite prepared to take any safety measures and training.  They understand the need for certification testing and are willing to do what is necessary to avoid any risks.

CC: What are the key values of your business?

A-1: Key values of A-1 Cleaning Company are customer satisfaction, employee safety, providing efficient and professional cleaning services with attention to detail, and competitive, fair pricing. We strive to work with integrity and communicate with both clients and workers to solve difficult cleaning issues. We support the needs of both clients and workers at all times.

CC: What is the most challenging/rewarding part of the work you do?

A-1: The most challenging/rewarding part of the work we do is finding appropriate cleaning solutions, equipment, and personnel for each cleaning site.  We understand the need to customize every site in this way.

CC: Can you tell us why it’s been important to maintain your ContractorCheck accreditation?

A-1: It has been important to get our ContractorCheck accreditation because we could trust ContractorCheck to make A-1 Cleaning completely compliant with legislative and client-specific requirements regarding health and safety.

CC: Would you recommend ContractorCheck to other companies?

A-1: We would definitely recommend ContractorCheck to other companies.  Their certification program is very thorough.

Thanks again to A-1 Cleaning for participating in our Q&A. If you’re an accredited contractor and you’d like to see YOUR company featured, please contact us today!

For more information on A-1 Cleaning, please visit them online.