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Health and Safety Law – Compliance for Your Company

ContractorCheck Accreditation ensures legislative compliance with health and safety law for our contractors.

With more stringent legislation surrounding health and safety law in Canada, many organizations are burdened with the responsibility of ensuring the health and safety requirements of contractors working on their premises are adhered to. However, the collecting, monitoring, and maintenance of requirements, as well as the implementation of safeguards, can be costly and time-consuming.

Health and Safety Law – Compliance for Your Company

That’s where ContractorCheck can help. We do the legwork for you by collecting documentation and completing health and safety assessments so you don’t have to. Rest assured that your contractors are fully compliant with health and safety law requirements, as well as any specific requirements your company might have.

When a contractor achieves ContractorCheck Accreditation, it means that their health and safety policies have been reviewed, their training practices have been documented and verified, and they have been found to maintain an acceptable level of commitment to health and safety on the jobsite.

In addition to meeting health and safety law requirements, the ContractorCheck assessment and accreditation offer many benefits.

  • All contractors have their health and safety programs and required documentation assessed, accredited and annually revisited.
  • You can see contractors across the country via our national database that have approved health and safety programs.
  • Our customizable, web-based program allows you to manage, monitor, search and store contractor information.

If you are interested in the ContractorCheck program for your contractors, and in learning more about how our program accounts for current health and safety law, contact us today.


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