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One of the things on the minds of contractors is contractor safety. The majority of construction industry trades out there involve the use of ladders either on a daily basis or to a lesser degree. It only takes one mistake to experience an injury with long-lasting consequences, so ladder safety is something every contractor needs to keep in mind. There are three main types of ladder-related incidents which can often be prevented with contractor safety plans in place, appropriate training, and attention to maintaining the condition of the ladders.

often be prevented with contractor safety plans in place

  • Ladder Transport Risks- Just moving a ladder and setting it up can result in an injury. Ladders can be heavy and awkward, easily causing muscle injury, herniated disks, and sprains. To prevent these injuries, consider using lighter ladders and providing instruction on how to handle them safely.
  • Falls from Ladders- There are many contributors to falling off ladders, including improper use, faulty ladders, and weather conditions. Setting up the ladder incorrectly or reaching beyond the ladder are key factors with falls, so instruct users not to lean beyond the ladder and follow the appropriate rules for setup.
  • Wrong Ladder- Using a ladder that is incorrect for the task at hand is a recipe for disaster. For example, using one too short encourages stepping on the top, which is not strong or sturdy enough for the weight of the user. Another common mistake is using a stepladder as a straight ladder. Equip people with the proper ladders and instruct them never to interchange one type for another.

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