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YESCO Hamilton / Mississauga Sign & Lighting


We recently sat down with the team from YESCO Hamilton / Mississauga to catch up and talk about their company, and why health and safety is important to them. YESCO Hamilton / Mississauga specializes in servicing signs, but also does face replacements, LED retrofits, neon repairs, exterior wall and parking lot lighting. They work with all different types of retail and commercial businesses, as well as property landlords.  YESCO Hamilton has been a member of ContractorCheck since 2018 and we commend them for their commitment to health and safety! Check out what the team had to share in our Q&A with a Contractor below:


Q: What makes your company unique in the Industry?

A: We are actively checking for sign outages in your area at night, often leading us to notice and report issues before your business would.   We do this free of charge as part of our night patrolling program.   We will then forward the photos on to you for review and decide if you wish to pursue a repair.


Q: What are your company’s greatest strengths?

A: Our clients agree the great benefits of working with YESCO Hamilton / Mississauga is our free night patrolling program.  Furthermore, we do not charge our clients for travel time, our response time is quick, and in most situations, we have the inventory already stocked on our truck to fix your sign on the first visit so we can keep our prices low!


Q: Tell us more about your Company’s industry experience:

A: YESCO has operated as a business for almost 100 years providing service, repair, maintenance and installation services to our customers.  Today YESCO is internationally recognized with over 70 franchises, our best-of-class customer service and a tradition of innovative excellence.  Our YESCO Hamilton / Mississauga location is owned and operated by David Carley.  David has been a leader in the sign industry since 1982 and he is well-known for his many successful projects, his iconic restorations, and innovative designs.


Q: Why is health and safety important in your line of work? 

A: We work at heights, with electricity, outdoors in all types of weather conditions, in public areas, on the road driving large trucks, operating a boom, working alone, and handling large signs. We need to train and prepare for all these safety factors while on the job.


Q: Why was it important for your company to pursue a Contractor Check accreditation, and what value does it hold for you? 

A: As standards continuously change, we can always ensure that we are up to date on all our health and safety practices.   This allows us to work with other businesses who prioritize health and safety – and gives peace of mind to our clients.


Q: Is there a particular time of year that’s busiest for you? Why or why not? 

A: Particularly after daylight savings ends, everyone starts to notice how their sign and parking lot lighting is measuring up.  Also, leading up to Christmas the retail sector depends on 100% illumination.


Q: Are there seasonal health and safety tips you can share with us for individuals or businesses to keep in mind this time of year? 

A: The most important thing you can do as a business owner is to ensure the safety of your patrons and employees – a big part of that is ensuring sufficient lighting both inside and outside of your facility.


Q: Are there any recent company accomplishments or announcements you’d like to share?

A: We’ve just completed our expansion to Mississauga and are excited to be branching out into the Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Brantford territories.  We now cover Niagara Falls to Etobicoke to Waterloo!  Please be sure to reach out to YESCO Hamilton / Mississauga for all your sign & outdoor lighting needs.


Many thanks to YESCO Hamilton / Mississauga for chatting with us! Take a look at this photo they sent us recently – proudly showing off their ContractorCheck Accredited Member Logo Sticker on one of their trucks!


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