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Accredited Contractor Q&A with BAULNE

We recently caught up with BAULNE, HVAC building mechanics expert, and ContractorCheck Accredited company. They’ve been members with us since 2014 and clearly make health and safety a priority. Read below for more on what the Quebec-based company had to say.


ContractorCheck: Tell us about your business; what does your company do? How long have you been in business?

BAULNE: Since the very beginning in 2002, BAULNE has had one goal: caring for people and buildings. We help our customers to design, maintain and optimize their HVAC equipment. For over 15 years BAULNE is an expert in HVAC, building automation systems (BAS) and energy optimization. With a team of engineers and technicians who have diversified expertise in the fields, BAULNE has earned customers’ trust and has built a portfolio of quality customers. We are also one of the only companies in Québec to provide a 360-degree service offering, including design-build, maintenance, and optimization.


CC: Why is health and safety important in your line of work?

BAULNE: In the HVAC industry, specialized workforce is ‘rare’. We make sure our employees have a great quality of life, they must feel confident that their security is not at risk, that we support them in their decision to stop a job if there is any risk.


CC: Why was it important for your company to pursue a ContractorCheck accreditation, and what value does it hold for you?

BAULNE: Differentiation from smaller businesses; a ContractorCheck Accreditation sets us apart. Our customers are more focused on compliance and are making sure that we follow ‘all rules’ and laws before sending a PO.Our ContractorCheck Accreditation enables our company to approach customers that have high quality standards, just like BAULNE standards.


CC: How has health and safety changed since your company was founded?

BAULNE: The importance of security at work has increased and most national/international customers request a supplier audit or certification, before doing business with a maintenance/repair HVAC specialist, which is where our ContractorCheck Accreditation really comes in handy.


CC: Is there a particular time of year that’s busiest for you? Why or why not?

BAULNE: We do business in both regular maintenance and specialized projects. We have a fair portion of our maintenance activities that are ongoing throughout the year, with a peak in the hot weather, while projects tend to peak right before winter season and right before summer season when everyone needs their HVAC work done.We tend to focus our security trainings during winter seasons, before the spring/summer peak starts.


CC: Anything else you’d like to share with us about BAULNE?

BAULNE: We are certainly proud of our recent accomplishments! Bauline is celebrating 3 years without injuries, accident or incident. We have over a 98% retention rate and our heating division is growing due to high demand! We’re looking forward to carrying on the great work through 2019.

Many thanks to BAULNE for taking the time to participate!

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